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General Overview of SFI and TripleClicks



SFI is the shortened name of Strong Future International. It is an affiliate/network marketing company that operates internationally, and has affiliates in countries all around the world. There is no cost to join SFI (it's free to join), and it offers a real opportunity for anyone to build a home based business, regardless of their financial circumstances.

Affiliate marketing is all about making sales, and this is done through the TripleClicks (TC) store. TC is a large department store that offers a vast range of physical products and digital downloads. Some products are sold by TripleClicks itself, and there are also businesses operating their own stores within TripleClicks, and individuals selling their used items. TripleClicks also operates the hugely popular Pricebenders penny auctions, along with a range of games.

When looking at TripleClicks and SFI, think of TC as the main store, where the customers come in and money and goods change hands, where everything happens and where the money comes from. SFI is “the offices” where all the administration takes place, where “the wages”, our commissions are calculated.


So what is the work of SFI Affiliates? As SFI Affiliates we have:

  1. to promote TripleClicks and its parts mentioned above and
  2. to bild our own team of SFI Affiliates for doing the same.

It is complex (with multiple income streams), but not complicated business. When you sign in, you will get lots of FREE knowledge, internet tools and support needed to perform the work. You need to be prepared to learn and act, on a regular DAILY basis, because this is serious business and if you want to be successful, you need to treat it seriously!


When you finish registration from HERE, you will need to confirm registration from your email and then you will receive my welcome message with some basic instruction for start and also with link for video instruction. You will have no problem to finish starting actions if you follow instruction from that video.


You also will have access to all marketing tools and techniques one serious Internet business has to have. In you Affiliate Center ("backoffice") you will find lessons of Internet marketing and of Internet Income, for FREE ($100s value). These lessons will be your most powerful tool, because you will learn how to start and develop your own business. Besides, your direct sponsor, upline and our community gethered on Forum, SFI will provide you Support and help whenever you need. 


And, at the end of this overview: Why should you want to be SFI Affiliate?

Well, this Internet business opportunity has, in my humble opinion with 4 years Internet business experience, the best and most lucrative Compensation plan! As I mentioned, registration is free and there are no mandatory fees, so if you are ready to build your own Internet business, feel free to join my team and see4yourself!


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