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How to start?




When you finish SFI registration and log in for the first time, you will be redirect  to Start page. This is the page with first and basic instruction for work at SFI.


From here and further on with your SFI work, you have to be prepare to read EVERYTHING. Do not skip! If you would skip reading,  you could miss very important instruction or tips. So, on this page, before you proceed further, watch the Getting Started video (by SFI President and CEO, and founder of SFI, Gery Carson) and read what I've marked yellow on the picture.



After you click Proceed to Affiliate Center button, you will be redirected to another of the six (for me) most important pages and page you’ll visit every day,  Homepage.




From there, you can go to another two:

Many people try to make SFI much more complicated than it really is. There are actually just 4 things you need to learn to do and those are outlined at this page.



SFI's exclusive 30-day "getting started" program for new Affiliates. Reading and understanding these lessons, collecting VersaPoints (explanation is followed) and some promotion of your SFI work are your first month tasks.


Your basic task, as you can see first at SFI Basics and as I've mentioned,  is to collect VersaPoints (VP). These points you are awarded for doing the actions listed on your  To-Do List (one of the tabs on Homepage). By doing these actions, you become familiar with SFI and you are trained to work. Plus, as the points you earn for doing these actions accumulate, you increase your payouts and perks! VPs are used more to determine your status than for doing simple conversion VP in $.


At Homepage there are 10 red tabs. For each of them you can collect 1VP (at the bottom of page of each tab there is a button „I have reviewed the information on this page“, and when you click on it, you will receive 1VP).

As long as the red message is at Homepage („Red tabs have not been visited today. Earn 1 VP for each. “),  you didn’t  collect all 10VP from here for that day. When from TripleClick tab (on the Homepage manu line) you go to TripleClicks site, you receive 1 more VP for checking out the latest items at TripleClicks.


And these are your daily actions, EVERY DAY!  



Next of the main pages is VP Ledger . You can find it under Hot Spots tab from the Homepage manu. For me, it is better organized TO-DO list and you can use it to check your daily work.


There are  9 sections.  At start, it is important to concentrate at GETTING-STARTED and INTERMEDIATE ACTIONS.


By finishing Getting-Started actions, you will confirm your registration, complete your profile, read some more basic stuff, etc. Intermediate actions will introduce you with SFI site and with some good internet marketing articles.

You will finish these actions by clicking on the green triangle with number at the right top of the page and you will receive message of VP you’ve just been awarded.

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